In the various models for that target the realisation of Universal health care, human resources for health care has been the most important aspect of health system strengthening.

Health care human resources deficits exist everywhere, but constitute an extra burden in health systems that are already compromised by poor funding, poor leadership and agenda-setting, poor access to medicines and technology and a compromised information and research structure.

Human resources for healthcare is the primary interface of the patient-population with the rest of the health care system, and provides the base of the health access experience.

The Resource Drive of the Docsays Initiative aims to engage an “R”- Resource as a primary aspect of Universal Health Care delivery, at the community level, in underserved populations.

Our focus is to empower grass-root, gender-driven and focussed health care by improving provision of, and access to health care workers, improve health promotion, and global population health, one community at a time.

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